Spencer  Clark, Founder/Proprietor
Spencer was born and raised in Houston, Texas. His family owned and operated a large rice drying facility and cultivated  thousands of acres of rice in South Texas. As a teenager, he worked summers on the ranch dealing with all aspects of the growing and packaging rice. From an early age, Spencer showed a love of farming and a second passion for music.

He began playing piano and guitar early and went on to study music at University of St. Thomas. He continued a professional music career for over fifteen years until deciding to migrate to Northern California to explore the Napa Valley grape industry. The desire to live in this beautiful part of the country led Spencer, Amizetta and first son Spencer Jr. to settle in the small town of St. Helena in the late 70’s. Spencer quickly became captivated by the art of wine growing and making, and soon purchased a special piece of land deep in the Napa Valley mountains to create his dream of producing hillside red wines.

Over the next several years he developed and established the hillside property of Amizetta Estate Vineyards and Winery. Spencer continues today pursuing his two true passions: Wine and Music. His music can be found at

Amizetta Clark, Founder/Proprietor
Amizetta McFaddin Clark was born in Beaumont, Texas into to one of the earliest Texas ranching families. Her great great grandfather, WPH McFaddin was an original Mexican land grantee. She grew up enjoying weekends and summers with her father and grandfather on the McFaddin ranches.

Her maternal grandfather owned a successful Spice Production Facility called McClancy Company. Both family ventures deeply influenced Amizetta’s appreciation of nature, farming and exquisite cuisine leading to her fascination and love of wine that ultimately fueled her desire to help create the Amizetta Napa Valley Vineyard Estate.

She has raised four children in the agricultural community of St. Helena. Returning to college to enhance her skills in winery financial management, she currently plays an integral roll in daily operations and spends time in both the vineyards and the winery ensuring only the highest quality wines are produced under the Amizetta Estate label.

Perry Clark, President
Earned his undergraduate degree from University of California at Davis in Viticulture and Enology and his MBA from the Graduate School of Management at UC Davis. Perry spent his summers during college working at Sterling Vineyards and Louis Martini Winery. These internships helped him gain a better understanding of how the “bigger” wineries operated.

After completing his degrees, he spent two years working in financial services with Blackstone Funds in New York City. Perry has since taken his wide breath of work experience and focused his attentions back at the family winery as the general manager.

Edward Clark, Winemaker
Earned his undergraduate degree in Viticulture and Enology from California State University at Fresno and previously studied Viticulture at Napa Valley Junior College. Edward worked part time for the Fresno State winery during his undergraduate studies and has been involved with the day to day family vineyards and winery for many years leading to his passion for winemaking. He brings a wealth of knowledge related to sustainable farming practices and the latest cutting edge wine making techniques.

Before going to college, Edward lived in Chile and Argentina where he spent time exploring and researching the ever growing South American grape and wine industries. He recently seized the opportunity to return to Argentina for the 2011 harvest to work at several renowned facilities such as Mendel Winery in Mendoza.

Edward has now assumed the head Winemaker position at Amizetta Vineyards.

Spencer Clark Jr.
Spencer Jr. was born in Houston, Texas, and raised in Napa Valley from the age twelve. He graduated Saint Helena High school and went on to study at the University of Montana. He returned to pursue viticulture education at Napa Valley College under the eminent Dr. Stephen J. Krebs.

Spencer has worked in the vineyards and at the winery in varying capacities over the past twenty five years. He currently helps to manage the vineyard along with assisting in the winemaking and he is one of the family wine tour guides at Amizetta Winery.

Jose Rincon, Ranch Manager
Jose has worked at Amizetta Vineyards and Winery since 1992. He is the main ranch manager who is integral to keeping both the vineyards and winery running. Jose assists in the day to day management in the vineyard as well as assisting in the wine making process. He lives on the property with his wife and three children.

Vineyard Dogs Amizetta Vineyards has three dogs. Magnum is a seven year old pure bred chocolate Lab. He is considered “head of security.” His very close friend is Osa meaning (Little Bear). She is a pure bred Border Collie who enjoys chase away those pesky wild turkeys devouring our grapes. Last but not least, there is Mac. A full bred one year old Macnab (short haired Border Collie). He was raised on another ranch to be a fierce boar hunting dog, but flunked out and was given away due to his “too sweet personality” and always wanting to be at his masters side.